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Title: TV Documentary on Coal
Level: Primary, Intermediate, Middle School
Time: 2-4 Days (Research - Presentation)
KERA Goals: 1.1, 1.12, 1.13
Objective: Students will display and communicate an overall understanding of information on coal, through outlines, reports and visual aids.

1. Homemade television set (cardboard boxes)
2. Paper roll
3. Tape recorder
4. Tapes
5. Resource Books
6. Art Supplies
7. Copy of Evaluation points (below)

1. Teacher will divide students into five groups. Each group will contain students having the following strengths: artistic, expressive reading, outlining, legible handwriting and science comprehension.

2. Each group is assigned one of the following topics:
How coal is formed
How coal is mined
How coal is used to create energy
Environmental impact of coal mining
Benefits from coal energy

3. Each group will present a final product to consist of:
An outline of the topic
A narrative written following outline
Two to four illustrations representing narrative; half of the illustrations may be graphs
Tape recording of narrative
List of people in the group and duties

4. Each group will be given a copy of evaluation sheet so they understand how the grading will be done.

5. Duties will be assigned within the group and a group leader will be chosen.

6. Before the presentation: 1) illustrations are glued onto the roll of paper and in the proper sequence; and, 2) each group is given an opportunity to practice.

7. Each group is evaluated on its presentation.

Lesson Evaluation:

1. Were 2 to 4 illustrations drawn? 5 points

2. Was narrative recorded? 5 points

3. Was narrative read expressively? 5 points

4. Did illustrations relate to narrative? 10 points

5. Were illustrations clear? 5 points

6. Was information accurate? 25 points

7. Did presentation represent topic given? 25 points

8. Did the group use group talents well? 10 points

9. Was outline turned in? 5 points

10. Was written narrative turned in? 5 points

Provided by American Coal Foundation