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Title:  Class Presentation on Coal
Level:  Primary, Middle
Time:  2-3 class periods for preparation; 1-2 class periods for presentation.


Student will gather, organize, and present information about coal and its uses in an oral presentation.

Background Information:



  1. Assign students to one of the following groups:

    - Creating Energy From Coal
    - Benefits From Coal Energy
    - Environmental Issues of Coal Mining
    - Coal Mining
    - Coal Formation

  2. Students will conduct their own research on the topic assigned.  Encourage the use of the Internet if available (see the Coal Education website at and related links).  Students should prepare a presentation that includes visuals as well as written information.  Graphs, charts, and tables are possible visuals that would enhance the presentation.  Clarify your expectations and grading scale.  Example:  In order to get an A, the group must have at least two illustrations, a one-page narrative, etc.

  3.  Assign a specific time limit for the presentation.  Evaluate groups according to their research and presentation.


Provided by American Coal Foundation