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Title: Pass the Sack
KERA Goals: 2.2, 2.3


Social decisions influence the availability of energy resources.  Students will understand that some energy resources are nonrenewable, and that their use is limited by social decisions.



  1. Count out enough candy so there is one piece per student.   Put it in a paper sack.  Save the remaining candy.
  2. Before passing out the candy, review renewable and nonrenewable resources and give examples of each.
    Renewable Resources:      
    Nonrenewable Resources:
            Natural Gas
    While this discussion is taking place, pass around the sack of candy, without any rules about how many pieces students can take.  Occasionally add four or five pieces of candy to the sack.  The sack will be empty before it reaches all the students.
  3. Point out that fossil fuels have limits just like the candy.  Emphasize that fossil fuels are nonrenewable and are being consumed faster than they are replaced in nature.  Explain how much harder students would have to search the room to find the rest of the candy.  What if the rules did not allow students to leave their desks?  Point out that natural gas, coal, and oil companies are looking harder for more resources.  What affect did the availability of candy have on relationships between students?  What affect might the availability of fossil fuels have on the relationships among nations, people, states, standard of living, and quality of life?
  4. With the class, now plan to pass out the remaining candy.   Should rules be established?  Do oil, coal, and natural gas companies have rules (regulations) that they must follow to find resources?  Should there be rules and regulations on how much oil, coal, or natural gas people use?  How does the class social decisions influence the availability of candy?
  5. Pass out the rest of the candy according the plan.

Evaluation Idea:

How might social decisions influence the amount of energy available to people?
(Example: regulations on how much people use or regulations on drilling or transportation of resources)

Provided by National Energy Foundation.